Sports Vision Training

What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports Vision Training works to increase and en-hance an athlete’s ability to fixate, follow, track, and increase reaction time to make them more competitive in their specific sport. If an athlete is stepping up their physical training but wants to step up to the next level, Sports Vision Training can improve the visual processing necessary for excellence in their sport.

Our comprehensive sports vision evaluation will test performance in vision skills and provide you with a detailed performance profile. Upon completion of the work-up, you may enroll in a weekly training program which is uniquely tailored to enhance visual-motor performance in your particular sport. The visual skills assessed include:

Sports Vision Training

Customized For You

80% of what we learn comes from the visual system and is higher for competitive athletes. We depend on quick visual processing skills to be able to react, especially when we are fatigued at the end of a game. We tailor the training to the particular sport and position played to enhance the visual skills that are necessary for peak performance as well as the athlete’s individual goals.

How can Sports Vision Training benefit me?

Sports Vision Training
Sports Vision Training
Sports Vision Training

Sports Vision Training can benefit athletes of ALL levels including professionals, college, high school, grade school and those who participate recreationally. Sports vision training can help with:

  • A better read on the green while putting or following the ball after a swing

  • Increased batting average or judgment of pop flies in softball or baseball

  • A better read on the tennis ball and quicker reaction time

  • A quicker reaction to that 5-hole at the goalie’s knees and tracking the fast moving puck to know when to shoot

  • The ability to see more openings when running the football down the field and identify openings in the periphery

  • Seeing where your hitters are to set the ball properly and find the perfect spot to hit the volleyball

  • Increased visual attention in soccer be-tween peripherally watching other players while dribbling with your feet

  • Good decision making on when to pass or shoot, or blocking out peripheral distractions when making an important free throw in basketball

Technology Used by Professional Teams

Vision Park Family Eye Care uses the same training instruments used by NFL, MLB, NHL, and many NCAA teams. These include the Senaptec Sensory Training System, along with QuickBoard, Fit Lights, and sensory strobe glasses. Some professional athletes who have used Sports Vision Training as a part of their training regimen were baseball greats Alex Rodriguez and Wade Boggs, LPGA golfer Val Skinner, and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman.

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