Complete Eye Health Services

At Vision Park, we realize that good eye care requires regular check-ups and preventative measures, as well as corrective treatment when necessary. Vision Park offers comprehensive eye examinations to check basic visual skills, confirm good eye health or detect problems. There are numerous diseases of the body that can be detected during an eye examination even if a patient has no visual or systemic symptoms. A thorough eye examination screens for problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, glaucoma or even symptoms of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and certain nervous system disorders.

Once the eye examination is completed, we can prescribe treatment if needed, which may involve glasses or contact lenses, vision therapy, low vision aids or medical treatment.

To ensure good vision well into the future, we also advise patients on preventative measures relating to occupational computer glasses, safety eyewear, sun and radiation protection and supplements to improve eye health.

In addition to general practice, Vision Park offers specialized services such as vision therapy, low-vision evaluations, eye disease treatment, specialized contact lens fittings, Lasik consultation, and dry eye treatment. Emergency service is available after hours.

If you have questions about fees, insurance coverage, Medicare, or other concerns, feel free to call our business office or email us and we'll be happy to help you.

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Lenses For Every Lifestyle

checking_lensesThe opticians of Vision Park are eager to help you with every aspect of selecting your glasses, from frame and lens selection to fitting and on-site finishing and repair. We will consider function, facial color and shape, occupation, lifestyle, lens designs, personal preferences and other factors to help you find the right eyewear. From single vision to bifocal or multifocal lenses, Vision Park fills each prescription accurately and at competitive fees. Vision Park features a full line of eyewear that includes designer frames, sports and sun wear, diving and ski goggles, and accessories.

First Care For Contacts

firstcareforcontactsContact lens technology has come a long way in recent times. In fact, people who have been told in the past that contact lenses were not available in their prescription due to astigmatism or the need for bifocal correction are surprised by the options currently available. Whether you wear contacts or would like to in the future, the doctors at Vision Park will help choose the correct lenses for you. We will evaluate your visual needs and explain the characteristics and benefits of each type of contact lens. We will also follow up with continuing lens care to protect the health, comfort and safety of your eyes as you enjoy your contact lenses.

Contact lens options include soft or oxygen permeable, daily wear or disposable, lenses which can be worn overnight for up to a week or a month at a time, and lenses which enhance or change the color of your eyes. Contact lens options are available for patients who are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, have dry eyes, or need a bifocal correction. To assist the Vision Park doctors in your examination, you can either download a children's medical history form (up to age 13) or you can download the standard medical history form (ages 13 and older). Both forms require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat ReaderĀ®. Simply download, print, fill-out your form and bring it with you when you visit!

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