Living With Low Vision

What is Low Vision? Low vision is a term used to describe several levels of very limited sight which interfere with a person's daily routine activities. About one out of every 20 Americans has low vision. Under the general classification of low vision is "partially sighted," which means visual acuity (clearness or sharpness of vision)…
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The American Optometric Association¬†encourages parents to include a trip to the optometrist in the list of well-baby check-ups. Assessments at six to twelve months of age can determine healthy development of vision. Early detection of eye conditions is the best way to ensure your child has healthy vision for successful development, now and in the…
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Care Credit

CareCredit for Better Vision When to have your vision procedure should be the question, not how to pay for it. We'd like to make that decision even easier for our patients. That's why we're pleased to offer the CareCredit card, North America's leading patient payment program. CareCredit lets you begin your procedure immediately -- then…
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