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At Vision Park Family Eye Care, we provide excellence in eye care service and products. We strive to build a lasting, caring relationship with you for years to come. Vision Park combines professional skill with personalized service. As a partnership of professionals specializing in different areas, we offer more diversified, state-of-the-art service. It's been our top priority since 1929--and it always will be.

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Three reasons diabetes is so dangerous

Harmful affects of diabetes vision

For the 45 percent of Americans managing diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels in check isn’t the only battle of the medical condition. Diabetes can have harmful effects on the eyes and, if ignored, can permanently damage vision.

During November, American Diabetes Month®, the American Optometric Association (AOA) encourages those with diabetes to schedule yearly, comprehensive eye exams to help detect and prevent eye and vision disorders related to diabetes.

Learning-related Vision Problems

Photo of eye testA screening test resulting in “20/20 eyesight” does not mean that the child has mastered the important visual skills necessary for learning. Vision Park provides specialized vision care called vision therapy that is proven to help correct many vision problems, improve visual skills needed for reading and restore self-esteem.


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