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Rule out Glaucoma with an Eye Exam

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. Currently, more than 3 million people in the United States have glaucoma. The National Eye Institute projects this number will reach 4.2 million by 2030, a 58 percent increase.

As a new year launches, it’s a great time to schedule a vision and glaucoma test. Why? As the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in the United States, Glaucoma offers its victims no symptoms and no warning in its early stages.

Who is at risk?

Giving Never Felt So Good!

Giving Back, Volunteering, Community

Sure #GiveBackWednesday and the idea of giving are certainly holiday themes, but there are so many ways to spread goodness and pour out our hearts to the communities around us throughout the year.

Vision Park proudly adopts a family during the holiday season and the ability to share our blessings is such an honor! We’ve compiled some ideas on how families and individuals can foster a spirit of goodwill throughout the year.

Three reasons diabetes is so dangerous

Harmful affects of diabetes vision

For the 45 percent of Americans managing diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels in check isn’t the only battle of the medical condition. Diabetes can have harmful effects on the eyes and, if ignored, can permanently damage vision.

During November, American Diabetes Month®, the American Optometric Association (AOA) encourages those with diabetes to schedule yearly, comprehensive eye exams to help detect and prevent eye and vision disorders related to diabetes.


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